Beer Spike

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Spiking beer – A venerable custom
A hot iron was dipped into the beer, bringing it to a comfortable drinking temperature. Since the iron was often a pointed poker, the procedure was soon called “spiking.”

Today, spiking is a ceremony that sets a highlight in convivial gatherings. Beers with a lot of residual sugar are particularly suitable for spiking.  The residual sugar caramelizes, the beer becomes pleasant and round in taste. A special experience is the foam that forms during spiking, it is soft and creamy and – warm!
Drinking the cool beer together with the warm foam is not an everyday treat!

Each spike is packed in a wooden box. You also have the option to customize your spike with name or logo.

Perfect for larger events is the spike-station:
E.g. at Christmas markets 3 spikes are heated at the same time and so one is always ready for use.

Different sizes:
The Bukanter ball spike is available in three sizes.
With the small spike you can spike about 1-2 beers, with the medium around 3-4 and with the large about 5 beers.

We recommend the soldering torch with piezo ignition from CFH. This is very easy to use and the cartridge can be changed quickly.

Weight 0,320 kg
Dimensions 33 × 4,5 × 5,5 cm

Large, Medium, Small

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