Flavour Bar custom

Training and game for your nose

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Flavors *
Minimum: 6. Limit: 6.

72 different pure flavors. The dark vials are only marked with numbers, so you can’t see see color of the liquid.

The aromas are intended exclusively for smelling.

Game ideas:

The aroma duel
Each player gets the same number of aromas. After a certain amount of time, the game stops. The winner is the player with the most correctly recognized aromas.

Aroma guessing
One player gets an aroma that he also knows. Now he tries to describe to the other players which aroma is in the bottle.

Aroma memory
The goal is to assign the same aroma categories: spicy, floral, fruity, etc.
You can also play an olfactory memory game. To do this, please select 6 aromas, each of which will then appear 2x in the aroma list. These have to be found.

Test of the sense of smell
You take any 6 aromas from the bar and everyone tries to recognize the aroma. Whoever has correctly recognized the most aromas at the end has the best olfactory memory.


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Dimensions 17 × 4,5 × 4,5 cm
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