a wunderful tool for wine connoisseurs

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The wine bukanter has been specially developed for the requirements of a wine tasting. The wine receives a very short and intensive air contact in the bukanter, so that the aromas are actively developed. By enhancing the aromatic structure, you are able to evaluate wines even at storage temperature and find olfactory nuances that do not stand out during normal swirling in the glass.

The Wine Bukanter can be used in any wine or tasting glass. The typical aromatic structure of each glass is preserved. Due to the easy cleaning in a dish washer and the mobile applicability, the wine bukanter becomes the ideal tool in the cellar, at fairs and tastings.

With the wine bukanter, you can detect wine faults very early, even below the odor threshold, and thus you have more time for corrections. Cold wines are no longer a problem for bouquet tasting, the aromas are actively released. Only a minimal amount of wine is required for bouquet tasting.

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Dimensions 20 × 9 × 8 cm
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