With a Bukanter the bouquet is enriched by an enlargement of the surface just alike swinging a glass of wine, cognac or whisky. The smell of the alcohol (normally the dominant olfactory-grade) is suppressed at the same time so that the fine aromas are perceived better.

In a Bukanter, a liquid is nebulised and condensed immediately thereafter. By nebulising, the liquid is forming countless small droplets. The surface of the droplets is by far larger than the surface of the liquid in the glass. Since the aromas are very volatile, they evaporate rapidly from the droplets and chill the liquid with the resulting coldness. So the alcohol, which is still consistent in the droplets, is prevented from evaporating. As the spray reaches a surface, alcohol and water remain liquid and flow back into the glass. This means that the most volatile components are extracted selectively into the airflow from the liquid.

For a tasting with Bukanter just minimal quantities of liquid are necessary. Even with a few drops of liquid a complete tasting is possible.

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