The wine yard MonteVertine in Italy, wanted to have a tool for an impression of the smell of a currently exhausted wine cask for visitors of wine fairs. Due to this wish and after many experiments to get only the bouquet in the air the Wine Bukanter was born. He works like a magnifying glass for the nose.

After all we enlarged our sphere and developed a tool also for any liquors like Brandy, Whisky and beer: the Ball Bukanter.

Since we found out, that beer works also very well with the Ball Bukanter, we created some tools for connoisseurs: a Beerstachel / Beerspike and a bottle to make your own Eisbock at home – the Essence of Beer. We also want to train your nose with different aromes on a wooden strip.

Let´s see, what ideas the future brings.

The name Bukanter was generated of a combination of Bouquet and Decanter.

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